70% of Us Would Rather Work Ten-Hour Days, 4 Days a Week

How many polls need to happen before we actually DO this? Because it seems like most people want to.


More than 15,000 people were asked if they'd rather work eight-hour days, five days a week . . . or ten-hour days, four days a week. And 70% said four 10-hour days.


Here are a few more work-related questions and how people answered . . .


1. Would you rather work from home, or in an office? 59% said work from home.


2. Do you prefer to have music on while you work, or silence? 69% said music.


3. Eat lunch at your desk, or with coworkers? 62% would rather just stay at their desk most days.


4. Would you rather work through lunch and go home an hour early, or take a long lunch to break up the day? 66% said work through lunch.


5. Do you like having good friends at work, or would you rather keep business and pleasure separate? 69% say yes to friends. 



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