Drake's Long Weekend in Chicago in Some Pictures

The entire show went to Morning Show boot camp in Chicago last week and it was definitely one for the books!

Arriving into Chicago it really set in that this city is BEAUTIFUL (most of it)

First day we got settled into our room and just.. LOOK AT THAT VIEW!

We went to our first happy hour where we met a lot of the people we'd see at the conference the next few days and that was a ton of fun!

The actual conference itself was actually really neat and learned so much and met so many great people across the few days. Dave, Falen, & Jenny all did an AMAZING job on their panels they spoke at and they should all be very proud! They not only inspired me, but I know for a fact they inspired a bunch of other people in that room!

Not to mention the dinner that iHeart provided was some of the BEST sushi I've ever had. (don't worry, I ate A LOT of Deep Dish pizza & Chicago Hot Dogs haha!)

I was debating posting this pic but this is me 15 minutes before what I thought was a 'hookup' at Midnight downtown Chicago.

Ended up walking a half hour just to be ghosted when I got to the apartment he was at. yay me!!!!

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