How to Get Rid of the "Sunday Scaries" Before a New Week

Did you have with the "Sunday scaries" yesterday? That's when you're worried and anxious about the new week coming up. It usually starts mid-day and builds into Sunday evening, so it can end up keeping you up at night. 


If you're someone who gets the Sunday scaries a lot, here are three strategies that can help . . .


1. Don't leave half-finished tasks for Monday. You're more likely to have work anxiety over the weekend when you've left something unfinished on Friday. So try to tie up loose ends, and don't leave half-done things for Monday morning. If you're in the middle of a long-term project, just try to finish the specific task you've been on. Kind of like it's one chapter in a book.


2. Positive anticipation. Another thing that causes anxiety is dreading things about your job that you hate. So combat that by planning things to look forward to. Like meeting a friend for lunch on Wednesday, or hitting a movie after work.


3. Write it down. If you can't pinpoint why you feel nervous on Sundays, start a journal, or record yourself talking about it. It might help you figure out what it is about your job . . . or your co-workers . . . that makes you so anxious. 




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