A New Hangover Pill Just Went on Sale in the U.K.

The headlines for this have people excited, but they fail to mention one key detail: A new HANGOVER PILL just went on sale in England. And it sounds like it might actually work, or at least prevent BAD hangovers.


It's called Myrkl. And it's been in the works for more than 30 years. The company behind it says it's packed with two types of healthy bacteria and an amino acid that break down alcohol before it hits your liver.


Each pill costs around a buck. And you have to take two of them a few hours before drinking to prevent a hangover the next day.


But here's the twist: It works by PREVENTING you from getting drunk.


When you take the pills, less alcohol hits your bloodstream. So it's more for people who want to drink socially without getting tipsy.


If you're trying to get drunk, it'll just make it more expensive because you have to drink more. It's not clear when the pills might be available in the U.S. 





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