Jenny's 4th of July Weekend in 6 Pics!

Friday we headed back to Wisconsin to spend the weekend with my family. My mom had a pool day/grill out with my sisters and our partners on Saturday.

Andrew volunteered to do the grilling.

My mom loved a painting Falen recently did so she bought it and my niece, Maddie, tried on my MPLS hat and loved it so I had to snap a pic of them.

Sunday we watched my niece and nephew play in my mom's backyard that's filled with flowers. Got some cute pictures of them running all over the place.

We grabbed brunch with my dad Sunday as well!

Monday, Andrew and I hosted a little get together. We had 3 of my old college roommates and their partners over. One couple lives in Chicago so it was a busy day of catching up. I didn't get any pictures before some of them left so I snapped this of Mikki and our friend's dog Scar completely zonked out after playing.

Hope you had a good Holiday weekend!

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