Drake's 4th of July Weekend in Five Pics

My family wanted to check out some of what Minnesota had to offer so I did my best to show them around! We started with Breakfast the day after they got here and oh my goodness it was delish

We'd all been dying to see the new Elvis movie so we saw that afterwards

They wanted to go hoppin around Lake Minnetonka for the rest of the night so that's exactly what we did. After being in mostly Excelsior all night we ended up at Psycho Suzis since my family is a major tropical vibe fan. They loved it!

We went on a bunch of hikes around some trails in the Twin Cities!

We ended up at Mystic Lake for their 4th of July celebrations. Massive stages, food trucks, & what I think is going to be a fantastic Fireworks show! (I won't be able to see the beauty as I'm going to bed after writing this lol) buuuut I told my parents to take some pictures / videos tonight!

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