If You Have This Color Car, It Holds Value the Best!

There are three types of car owners: Those who care about the COLOR of their ride . . . those who don't . . . and those who don't remember what color their vehicle is, because they haven't washed it in years.

But there's one reason everyone should at least think about it: Some colors hold their value better than others.

A new report from ISeeCars.com ranks all vehicle colors by how they depreciate over time, and one color does the best by far: YELLOW CARS.  (Unless you're a cabbie . . . then your car has been depreciating like crazy since 2015.)

An analyst says yellow cars keep their value because it's "among the least popular colors . . . so they're novel in the secondhand marketplace, and people are willing to pay a premium for them."

Orange vehicles are the second-best, followed by purple cars . . . red . . . green . . . blue . . . gray . . . beige . . . and silver. All those values remain above-average.

The color that holds its value the LEAST is brown. Gold ranked the second-worst, followed by black . . . and white. 

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