Jenny's Girls Trip to Malibu Pictures!

I went on a girls trip to Malibu! We flew into LAX and swung by the Santa Monica pier before heading up to Malibu. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm not a big fan of the pier.

I've heard all about how great of a restaurant NOBU is so we got a reservation our first night. It was supposed to be for 10:30pm, so late! But luckily we called the day of and were able to get in at 8:45 instead!

We found out real quick that Malibu is a "sleepy" town. Most places close early and there are barely any bars to go out at. We did end up finding one bar 30 minutes away and it was the perfect hole in the wall bar. The bartender quickly became our best friend!

We headed to the beach Sunday!

Sunday night we went to a restaurant called Geoffrey's. The view was amazing and we met an adorable couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, but outside of that, the food was NOT good. I would not recommend going their to eat if you're ever in Malibu.

We went to a winery called Cielo Farms on Monday. It was so beautiful and the wine was amazing.

We ended up heading to NOBU for drinks after the winery and The Game was there! He came up and talked to my girlfriends. I was just getting back from the bathroom and snuck a quick pic of him talking to them, not the greatest but had to document it!

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