Drake's Memorial Day Weekend in Five Pics

Memorial weekend was quite the blast I must say so myself.

It was so awesome going up to north Wisconsin where my Dad grew and visiting his side of the family!

We had countless fires, delicious food, & laughs!

We needed some propane and found this sketchy station in the middle of nowhere, I thought it was hilarious!

I ended up linking up with a bunch of different friends on Sunday to catch up. Saw the new Top Gun movie which was PHENOMENAL. I haven't even seen the first one and was in love with this.

After the movie I went over to one of my buddies place to play pool and hangout (I lost btw haha)

The biggest part of this trip is finding this Red Bull cooler at my aunts place. She let me take it and it'll become apart of my every day life haha! IT'S SO COOL!

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