Drake's Florida Vacation in a Bunch Of Photos

This trip was SO MUCH FUN! Honestly most of the pictures speak for themselves but I'm super glad I got to hang out with the fam in the sun!

First pic obviously had to be with my sisters puppy! He's so cute! (His name's Apollo)

I spent half the week hanging with my Sister & Brother in Law at their new house that's just north of Tampa. We did Top Golf, Went to the Casino, Celebrated Cinco De Mayo, & Checked out a really cool Cigar Bar!

lots of delicious foods as well btw!

this was me at the end of the week looking red af 😂

Headed from Tampa to Daytona Beach for the weekend and had the best time of my life!

We found a Casino Cruise Ship that we wanted to go to but it was an hour away so we rented a limo to bring all of us there and back. Honestly so much fun.

There was a ton of Family Time and LOTS.. I mean LOTS of time in the sun which was amazing. There's more pics but I'm pretty sure I would lose my job if I posted them hahaha

hope you enojoyed!

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