Tina's European Vacation in a Bunch-ish Photos

I went to Europe & now I'm back. Here are my photos.

I flew into Dublin Wednesday morning to meet my boyfriend who was there for a conference. Since he was busy all day, I took a nap, put on a fancy robe and drank tea, because I could.

One of my best friends is actually getting married right outside of Dublin this fall & she wont have a chance to actual visit her venue before the big day, so I went for her. We love good timing. It was also an excellent use of my time. The venue is GOREGOUS and it was nice to be out in the Irish countryside for the afternoon!

Thursday morning I woke up and had some breakfast in bed before heading into St. Stephen's Green to kill time while Trevor finished his conference. I really enjoyed watching people watch swans.

Then we were off to London!!!!

Traveling is hard, so it's important to take a sit whenever possible.

We got in pretty late, so we just had some cocktails and apps at the hotel bar.

We woke up Friday ready to explore the city! This was Trevor's first time in London, so I gave him the full tour of all the classic sights.

We stopped at a pub for some drinks and an app before heading back to get ready for dinner.

We went to Ave Mario for dinner, which is a sister restaurant to Pink Mamma in Paris. Falen & I both ate there when we visited in 2019 and it was so much fun I wanted to try one of the London restaurants.

We were insanely late to our reservation, so no idea how we still managed to get our table, but thank god. Ave Mario is definitely an Instagram restaurant. You go for the food & stay for the grams.

After dinner we went to this really cool bar called The Alchemist where they use all kinds of gizmos and gadgets to make really cool drinks! We got smoked old fashions and it was honestly one of the best old fashions I've ever had!

I got several Cadbury Crunchie bars on the way home because they are lyfe.

Saturday morning started with brunch at Duck & Waffle. I've been once before, but the views are epic and you just can't beat it.

We were pretty close to St. Paul's cathedral so we stopped at One New Change to go up on their rooftop and take some pictures.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just enjoying the weather and our location. We stayed right by Tower Bridge on the southside of the river. I haven't spent that much time in this part of the city & I have been missing out! I LOVED this location so much!

For dinner Satutday night I was able to get reservations at Bibi, which is a new restaurant in London.

You guys... this was eaisily one of the best meals of my life. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this meal or the incredible service we received. I think Trevor and I both will be talking about the scallops course for the rest of our lives.

Sunday we spent our morning eating & drinking our way through Borough Market. This is another part of the city that I haven't spent a ton of time in, but it was incredible!

We had to go get our Covid tests on Sunday afternoon and while walking to our testing site we passed The Globe Theater

Trevor had the idea to do a cheesy tourist photoshoot, which was kinda genius & hilarious, but don't tell him I said that.

We had a traditional Sunday roast for a late lunch. Yummmmmm

And because one pub wasn't enough, we went to another where we didn't know it was buy 1 get 1 drinks... but they did have the most epic sticky toffee pudding.

We spent the rest of our evening just enjoying London.

It's been a decade and I'm sill obsessed with this city.

I seem to be on a every 3 years track, so I guess see you in 2025!

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