Who's the Biggest A-Hole You Know? It's Probably One of These 3 People

Who's the biggest A-HOLE you know? A new study found it probably won't take you long to come up with a name . . .


They don't have to be a close friend, just anyone in your life who's a total jerk.


Researchers at the University of Georgia asked 400 people, and found most of them were able to answer pretty quickly.


This part's amazing though. A full HALF of the A-holes that people mentioned fell into one of these three categories: An old boss . . . an estranged family member . . . or an EX.  

They also found middle-aged MEN are more likely to be A-holes than any other demographic.


The most common A-hole TRAITS listed were they're manipulative, and they're irresponsible.


Aggressive and entitled were mentioned a lot too. So was KNOWING that your behavior annoys people, but not caring. 




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