How Would You Respond if You Got This Text From a Potential Employer?

This is about as mixed of a message as you can get: A woman in New York posted a screen shot from her phone after she got a weird text about a job she applied for.


We don't know what the job is, but they asked if she was still interested, then INSULTED her. The text said, "Hey, Jasmine. I'm just following up on our paperwork appointment from Monday. Are you still interested in the position you piece of crap?" 


The person who sent it claimed it was a "misspelled word," so it might have been an auto-correct mistake. Or maybe they were using voice-to-text in their car or something, and were yelling at another driver.


Jasmine did NOT end up taking the job in the end. She said it was minimum wage anyway.


(Here's the TikTok post.)


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