Procter & Gamble Claimed Women's Feet Are Five Times Stinkier Than Men's

If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that men SMELL worse than women. Which is why this is so dumb: Procter & Gamble makes a lot of hygiene products. And they're in trouble after an ad they ran in China claimed women's feet are five times STINKIER than men's. 


They were trying to sell a body cleansing kit for women. So they made an infographic about how GROSS women are to guilt them into buying it. It ran on social media and encouraged people to do a smell test if they don't believe it


Of course, there's no proof women's feet actually smell more, and definitely not five times more.  (Have you ever smelled a grown man's socks? It's not pleasant.)


The ad listed some other shaky facts too. Like that women's feet have six times more bacteria because they go sockless more often. And that women have five times more sweat glands in their feet.


A 2019 study found women do have slightly more TYPES of bacteria on their feet. But men still sweat more in general, and that's what tends to cause an odor.


People in China called out Procter & Gamble for being sexist, and threatened to boycott their products. So they pulled the ad and issued an apology.


They called it "inappropriate" and apologized for "disrespecting women." They also said they're "overhauling" how their social media ads are done.  (SCMP / NY Post)  (Here's the ad, and here's their full apology.)

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