What's a Gift You'd Love But No One Would Consider Getting an Adult?

It's very different when you get a present as an adult than it was when you got presents as a kid. And by "different," most of the time . . . I mean "worse."


People on Reddit are sharing gifts they would love to get for their birthday or holidays . . . but that no one even considered buying for them because they're adults. Here are seven of the most popular answers . . .


1. "Remote-controlled cars, planes, or helicopters."


2. "Art kits."


3. "Legos."


4. "Candy, like ridiculous amounts of candy."


5. "Stuffed animals . . . or even just a trip to Build-a-Bear."


6. "Nerf guns."


7. "Something I didn't have a hand in planning or acquiring. Everyone asks what I want for gifts and never just buys something for me."




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