Tina's Week in LA in A BUNCH of Photos!

SURPRISE - I did NOT move to LA

Although I know a lot of people thought I was.

I did however spend a week working remote from LA while I caught up with friends and got out of winter for a bit.

I flew in on Friday and met up with our old Promotions Director, Jake, who lives out in LA! We went for dinner and stumbled upon a Stranger Things pop-up. It was pretty dope and had a bunch of cool photo spots from the show.

Guys... the sunrises tho...

I woke up every morning for this puppy & it never disappointed (other than the days it was cloudy lol)

Just a girl at brunch.

Walt Disney's first house was in the same neighborhood as my Airbnb, so I obviously went to see it.


On Monday, Jake and I checked out this Banksy expo.

& went to Little Dom's for dinner! On the walk home we saw Finneas eating at another restaurant, which was pretty dope. My neighborhood has hills that tried to kill you, but the views were worth it.

I ate a lot of burrata salad. 10/10 would recommend.

I happened to be in LA for Sydney's 25th birthday. I was exactly as eventful as you'd expect it to be. WE LOVE YOU SYD!

I took myself on a picnic up to Griffith Observatory. It was kinda perfect.

You can check out a bunch more photos that I uploaded to my instagram! You can also check out the little video series I did on there as well too.

Last, but not least, I stayed in THE BEST AIRBNB EVER! I seriously cannot say enough great things about this place. It was a great size for a single Tina, but would be perfect for two as well. Amazing bathroom, private, great views, incredible location. Just 10s across the board.

A bunch of you reached out and asked me for the link, but because I'm doing my job, I'm only going to post it here.

If for some reason any of you decide to stay here - Tell them Tina sent you :)

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