Here Are the Top Things We Plan to Blow All Our Money On

A new poll found 70% of Americans plan to "have more fun" with their finances over the next decade, and "spend more freely" instead of just saving. 

60% said they plan to go all out to make up for the stuff they haven't been able to do during the pandemic.

Young people are the most likely to have a carefree attitude about it. Baby Boomers were more likely to say they're sticking to a tight budget. Four in five people claim they're fairly careful with their finances in general though.

Here are the top things we plan to BLOW our money on over the next ten years . . .

1. Traveling. 44% plan to spend a significant amount on it.

2. Home goods and décor, 40%.

3. More gadgets and electronics, 38%.

4. Eating out at restaurants, 37%.

5. Clothes, 37%.

6. Concerts and other live entertainment, also 37%.

7. Shoes, 29%. (SWNS)

A study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Alliant Credit Union

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