Drake's Crazy Christmas / Holiday Pictures

What a VERY amazing holiday season it was for me here in the Twin Cities & in Wisconsin! Here everything that went down:

Came back home to see my amazing cat (Who later I found out has MAJOR social anxiety, he legit hid under a bed while my family was over haha)

Had a great time with my main family, My siblings hung out together and it was great! Lets not forget my Niece & Nephew who were cuter than ever while I was home!

I ended up going to a Packers game with my parents, surprisingly it was warm!

Had to head back to the Twin Cities to do nights for the week after, Actually had A LOT of fun doing that!

Came back home and found out my sister had gotten the CUTEST PUPPY I have EVER seen in my life! His name is Apollo! LOOK AT HIIIIMMMM!

Ended the New Year with meeting someone!! We've been talking for a little bit and ended up kissing while fireworks went off for New Years. It was truly special!

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