Jenny's Trip to Colorado in Five ish Pics!

Andrew and I headed out to Colorado for a snowboarding trip. We stayed in Keystone Village so we spent 3 of the 4 days snowboarding at Keystone!

There's a brewery called Steep at the bottom of the hill that we checked out a couple times after long days of snowboarding.

We weren't planning on going to Breckenridge but Colorado is pretty low on snowfall right now and Wednesday night Breck got 5 inches so we decided to head there Thursday.

After we got done boarding for the day we walked around the cute little downtown area. Andrew got gelato at this place called I Scream. I had a couple bites and it was phenomenal.

As we were walking around we noticed that "Ullr Fest" was going on. It's a festival to praise Ullr, the Norse god of snow, in hopes of a powder-filled ski season. People were walking around in Vikings hats and snowman costumes. It was hilarious. We stuck around to watch an attempt to break the world record of the longest shotski. You can't tell in this picture but there's two lines of people facing each other and it went for about 3 blocks of the downtown area. I wanted to sign up to do it once I realized what was going on but it was already sold out. 1,500 people participated!

After attending Ullr Fest, the next day was a powder day. So, yes, I do believe in praising Ullr from now on, haha. If you don't snowboard/ski, powder days are what we wait for all year. You're basically floating over the snow and if you take a fall it doesn't even hurt. It was also very cold that day so Andrew grew this "beardsicle".

Our flight was delayed on Saturday because of the snowstorm in the Twin Cities so we were able to get a few more hours of snowboarding in Saturday morning. Keystone is definitely one of my favorite mountains to go to because there aren't a ton of areas you have to traverse through which is miserable for snowboarders AND they have some of the best views!

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