An Airplane Passenger Refused to Stop Breastfeeding Her Cat?


Most people agree new moms should be allowed to breastfeed whenever and wherever they need to. But that only applies if you're breastfeeding a HUMAN. Someone posted a screenshot on Twitter that appears to show a Delta pilot sending a message to air traffic control . . . about a passenger who refused to stop breastfeeding her CAT. 

It supposedly happened on a recent flight from Syracuse to Atlanta. The message says a passenger in seat 13A was breastfeeding her cat, and refused to put it back in its carrier when they asked her to.

A flight attendant on TikTok seemed to confirm the report, but then deactivated her account. Before she pulled it down, her post said the woman was swaddling her cat in a blanket . . . with her shirt up while trying to get it to "latch" on . . . and that the cat was, quote, "screaming for its life."

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