Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 11/5 - 11/7

Can the weather stay like this forever???

No. No it can not.

Friday 11/5 -

Friday I attended the wedding of one of my former dancers I coached. Dance weddings = coaches reunions and a chance for me to see a ton of my favorite people!

Saturday 11/6 -

We were a little early to the game, but this weekend we celebrated Friendsgiving. Everyone has such a busy fall, we decided to be proactive and start our turkey consumption early this year.

I love my friends.

Sunday 11/7 -

Sunday we all met back up in the same place we had Friendsgiving to watch the Vikings game. Two of my friends went to pick up their BRAND NEW PUPPY and brought him over! This is Ralphie and he's perfect.

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