Name a Job Where People Are Way Overpaid

A Reddit thread on the most "overpaid jobs" is going viral. And chances are your job did NOT make the list. Here are a few of the ones that did . . .

1. Famous actors. Millions of dollars for a few weeks of work is pretty nuts.

2. Professional athletes. "Forbes" says Conor McGregorwas the highest-paid athlete last year, making $180 million. He lost both of his fights in 2021 . . . just sayin'. 

3. College football coaches. Often the highest-paid public employee in their state.

4. Paparazzi. You basically stalk people, and can make thousands for one photo.

5. Mega-church preachers. Not all preachers, just ones who fly around in private jets.

6. Real estate agents. 3% commission on a $500,000 house is pretty sweet. Especially when houses are flying off the shelf.

7. Social media influencers. Some make millions just posting crap on Instagram.

8. CEOs. With their salary, stock options, and perks, some make more than you even realize. At least 15 CEOs made over $100 MILLION last year.

9. Superintendents, because they make SO much more than teachers.

10. Therapists. The bad ones at least. 


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