Gen Z Is Sharing the Trends By Millennials That They Plan to End

There are a lot of battles between Baby Boomers and the younger generations: Millennials and Gen Z. But even those two don't see eye-to-eye.

There's a thread online, where members of Gen Z are suggesting trends by Millennials that they plan to END. And there's hope for young people yet. Maybe. Here are a few highlights:

1. Weird, drawn-on eyebrows.

2. The bad relationship Millennials have with other generations, including Boomers.

3. Expensive hipster food, like Avocado Toast.

4. Choosing a 'financially stable' job over their dream job, then regretting it.

5. "Cable television."

6. "The whole 'I've been doing this longer than you' vibe that millennials carry."

7. The man-bun hairstyle.

8. Lip injections.

9. Drinking IPA beer.

10. Cancel Culture.


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