Here's What's Not Nearly as Attractive as Guys Think It Is

It's an incredibly important moment in every man's life when he realizes he's NOT the master of seduction he thought he was. Maybe we can spark a few of those epiphanies today.

Women on Reddit are sharing the things that guys do that aren't nearly as attractive as those guys THINK they are. And here are some of the best ones . . .

1. Nudity. Male nudity. Everything related to male nudity. Pictures of male nudity. Male nudity in person. All male nudity. Now and forever.

2. Talking bad about other guys to make yourself seem better . . . or talking bad about other women to try to compliment the woman you're talking to.

3. Calling your exes crazy.

4. Talking about being horny.

5. Not being able to do the most basic cooking or housework . . . which shows you're looking for a girlfriend to be your mom.

6. Loading up on cologne, jewelry, or hair gel.

7 Persisting over and over when you've gotten a clear and definitive "no, I'm not interested in you."

8. Truck Nutz. 


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