Tina's Wedding Weekend in A LOT of Photos 4/23 - 4/25

Wedding Weekend!!

Friday 4/23 -

Friday kicked off wedding festivities! We had the rehearsal followed by the grooms dinner at Rojo - we love chips!! Surprise surprise I didn't take any photos Friday. I think other people did, but honestly I'm too tired to track those down.

Saturday 4/24 -

THE BIG DAY!! It was so incredibly fun to celebrate Katie and Caleb! I've known Katie since 7th grade and the wedding was full of all the incredible people I've gotten to know as her friend for the last 15+ years. I did all the makeup for the wedding before turning ALL THE WAY up after!! It was such an amazing day!

Sunday 4/25 -

I have never been more tired in my whole life. Every inch of my body is in pain and I've spent basically my whole day in bed. I did watch the new Netflix show Shadow and Bone, I really liked it and hope there's a season 2 (even though I know it's a book series and I could just go read what happens next). Then I ordered Big Bowl and watched The Oscars in bed!

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