More Women Than Ever Are Shaving Their Faces

As someone who thinks there's basically nothing more erotic than a bearded lady, this is pretty damn devastating.

According to some beauty experts, more WOMEN than ever are shaving their FACES.

And it's not just to get rid of your gorgeous mustache hairs or sexy sideburns. Some dermatologists recommend doing it to help EXFOLIATE the skin.

Dr. David Kim is a dermatologist in San Francisco. And he says that shaving your face can accomplish a lot of the same things you'd get from a dermaplaning treatment.

Quote, "Dermaplaning is when you take a very gentle, blunt scalpel and you scrape over the surface of your skin on the face or anywhere else on the body to gently exfoliate, to remove . . . dead skin cells and dirt and oil accumulation."

There are also some female Instagram influencers pushing face shaving, of course. One of them is a woman named Megan who says she's on a, quote, "mission to normalize female facial shaving."

She's also selling female shaving kits that start at $25. 

(Wall Street Journal)

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