What's Something You Used to Do That a Teenager Today Wouldn't Understand?

Teenagers today were born between 2001 and 2008. So it's safe to say their childhoods looked a hell of a lot different than yours.

Right now, people on Reddit are sharing things they used to do that teenagers today wouldn't be able to understand. Here are some great ones . . .

1. "Recording songs from the radio using a tape recorder."

2. "Spending 15 minutes untwisting a phone cord."

3. "Cleaning the mouse ball."

4. "Calling a phone number and having to ask if the person was there."

5. "Getting off the phone so someone else could use the Internet."

6. "Calling a phone number to get the time."

7. "Loving the smell of mimeograph papers."

8. "Stopping at a gas station to ask for directions."

9. "Turning to channel three to play a video game."

10. "Watching the scrambled Playboy Channel." 


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