What's an Adult Problem No One Prepared You for as a Kid?

Remember how you wanted to be a grown-up when you were young? Then you got older and realized being a kid was pretty great?

Someone asked people to name an annoying "adult problem" that no one ever prepared them for as a kid. Here are a few good ones . . .

1. Having to work all year, and not getting summers off. Wasn't that break nice? Also, just less spare time in general.

2. Drifting away from friends, because everyone's so busy. And then making new friends is a lot harder.

3. How to quit a job. As kids, they tell you to respect authority. So a lot of people find it uncomfortable, and even avoid it.

4. The fact that the holidays aren't as fun. For kids, it's all about presents and hanging out with family. For adults, it's about buying stuff and DEALING with family.

5. That you actually have to exercise to stay healthy. Things like baseball, soccer, and running around with friends go away. So you have to replace them with boring stuff like running on a treadmill.

6. Deciding what to eat every day, and how annoying it can be. As a kid, your parents handle most of your meals. As adults, it's more of a chore. 


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