Can you guess the songs in this game?

WE MISSED YOU!!!!! Here's everything that went down on this episode :)

00:00: tease

00:30: Drake struggles with peeps packaging

02:02: Peep Challenge

11:43: Content jacking occurred

14:36: eff marry kill

20:01 Would you keep the 40,000

26:54: Alaskan people are built differently

28:21: Lone Survivor

29:27: Marcus Luttrel's 911 call

40:03: 911 dispatchers handle pressure INSANELY well

41:28: If Drake would've died during the Peep Challenge

43:40: One of the hosts got a raise.... that is honestly offensively low

47:11 That time Colt got offered 21,000 dollars a year at a radio station

53:05: Would you quit if this happened to you?

58:10: Jenn shares her negative experiences she had as a flight attendant

1:04:42: Colt knew he had to lose weight wheeeeen

1:07:58: New podcast schedule


1:10:16: What we talked about before the show started

You're the best for listening. I'm happy we can call you part of the family!!!!!

Love you!

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