Seven of the Most Common Resumé Mistakes

The average person will revise their resumé 34 times in their life. So you'd think we'd be good at it by now. But it turns out, we still make a lot of avoidable errors. Here are some of the most common mistakes according to a recent poll . . .

1. Writing too much. It hurts your chances of landing a job if your resumé is too wordy.

2. Not writing enough. On the flipside, be careful not to make it too lean.

3. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Which is why it's important to have someone else proofread it. Don't just rely on spellcheck.

4. Using a font that's too small, or too big. In general, 12-point is good. If you have to put it in a tiny font to fit everything, then your resumé is probably too wordy.

5. Using an unprofessional email address from when you were younger. It was a good run, but SkaterFan88@hotmail needs to be retired.

6. Missing a digit in your phone number. It happens more than you think.

7. Other incorrect contact info. A lot of people forget to update their phone number or address when they move. So double check just to make sure.


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