Here They Are! All The Company April Fools Jokes

Last year, most companies broke their tradition of putting out some sort of mildly amusing April Fools' Day joke because of the pandemic. This year, the jokes were back.

A few companies still held out. Google announced that it was skipping a prank because, you know, the pandemic is still going. T-Mobile also skipped doing a prank and used yesterday as a day to raise money for charity instead.

Here are some of the jokes that other companies did . . .

1. Velveetamade an ad for a fake line of skin care products made out of liquid cheese.

2. Outback Steakhousemade fake lipsticks that are the colors of the different cooking temperatures for steaks.

3. Lego made an ad for "SmartBricks" that move out of your way as you walk so you won't step on them. (This is probably the best one of the day.)

4. Bud Light Seltzerannounced a pizza flavor.

5. Green Giant and Peepsteamed up to announce cauliflower-flavored Peeps.

6. Duolingocreated a toilet paper that also teaches you a foreign language.

7. And Jif made exfoliating face masks made from peanut butter.

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