Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 3/19 - 3/21

I swear the more social I am, the more I forget to take photos...

Anyways... here's my four photos #whoops

Friday 3/19 -

My friends wanted to watch the orange sportsball tournament on Friday and drink. I like to drink so I joined them.

Saturday 3/20 -

I was really lazy all day, but knew I needed to get out and enjoy the weather, so I did make myself workout and then I went for an extremely windy walk before going home and ordering takeout. I was craving a burger, but was too lazy to go buy & cook it myself.

I also got dessert (cuz we deserve it) and watched Nomadland with my roommate, which we really really liked!!

Sunday 3/21 -

My parents got me a turntable for my birthday and it finally came! They delivered it Sunday and we hung out and assembled it (while my mother cleaned my room).

Just a mom being a mom.

Then we all went out for dinner.

The End.

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