Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 1/15 - 1/18

Ok so I forgot to post last night - but I'm posting today so I'm still counting this as a win!

Three weeks in a row! WHOOOOOOO

Friday 1/15 -

Friday started strong as a I received a bunch of packages from Amazon, including this RING LIGHT! The light also came with this blue tooth clicker so you can take photos hands free & I was THRIVING!!

Saturday 1/16 -

Saturday I spent some time with my friend, Lauren. We went to Goodwill cuz everyone knows Goodwill has the best plates and cups. Everything is super cool.

I felt like I looked super sophisticated with this tea cup.

Then we went from drinks and apps at Red Rabibit. We sat on the outdoor patio to be safe, but it started snowing right as we got there, so it was a chilly dinner.

Sunday 1/17 -

This weekend my roommate and I binged The Flight Attendant! We did the first four episodes Sunday and the other four Monday. We really liked it, although we did spend most of the time yelling at the TV.

Monday 1/18 -

We finished Flight Attendant and then I tried to work out. I say try because it was a disaster and I thought I was dying. I ended up modifying the workout to finish something and then sat on the floor for a half hour contemplating my life choices.

I also made this Lemon Ricotta Ravioli from Trader Joe's and OMG IT WAS AMAZING!! Highly recommend!!

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