Six "Only in 2020" Dating Trends According to Tinder

Tinder just released its year in review blog post and quite a few of their findings have a VERY "only in 2020" vibe. Here are six of the best ones . . .

1. Mentions of BLM were up 5,500% in 2020 . . . and is now a more common phrase in people's profiles than the phrase "hook-up."

2. People mentioning masks in their profiles obviously jumped a lot after March . . . once the pandemic started, "mask" mentions were up 1,000%.

3. The most-used emoji on Tinder this year was the person shrugging. 

4. When the new"Animal Crossing"game came out, there was a big rush of people arranging dates on Tinder to meet up virtually on each other's"Animal Crossing"islands.

5. The word "vote" appeared in twice as many profiles in 2020 as it did in 2019.

6. And finally, "Carole Baskin killed her husband" became a popular phrase in bios and chats after"Tiger King"came out. (Tinder)

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