M&M’s Is Launching A Key Lime Pie Flavor & It Sounds Delicious

Did somebody say Key Lime Pie M&M's? Yes, please!

On Tuesday (October 29), foodie Instagram account [Candy Hunting] shared a photo of the latest M&M's flavor—Key Lime Pie. The Instagrammer spotted the packaging photo on Meijer’s website, which was quietly added without much fanfare.

"New White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M&M's are up on Meijer's website!" [Candy Hunting] tweeted. "These are expected to launch for the Easter 2021 season."

Few details are known about the upcoming flavor as of now. The packaging, however, reveals the flavor will consist of white chocolate rather than the traditional milk chocolate. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate the classic Key Lime Pie flavors, including graham cracker crust, key lime filling, and whipped cream topping.

Are you excited for Key Lime Pie M&M's?

Photo: Mars, Inc.