Celebrating My Kid's First Birthday & What I've Learned Being A Dad

Remi came early on a crisp autumn day in Minneapolis Minnesota on 10/23/19

This past year has taught me so many things about my stuff. I used to make a ton of excuses, having a kid changes all of that.

You know what. This might be easier if I list of the 10 things I've learned being a parent.

  1. How Lazy I Was Before: Cutting corners, putting off certain chores (laundry... dishes... general cleaning)
  2. Wake up early: I would waste so much time before Remi. I can't believe I used to sleep in until 10a LOL. Getting up early gives you such a proactive jump on the day. You can accomplish a lot of things between 5a-730a .
  3. Work is work. Family is life: Sure, it's necessary to have a career to get by BUT your work doesn't define you. Family defines you. I would get so engulfed in radio - I pushed a lot of people aside to get to my current position today. I regret not keeping in touch with certain individuals. Remi has given me a better perspective on that.
  4. How to change a dirty diaper in the middle of the night without turning any lights on
  5. Date your significant other: This seems obvious, but a lot of days can go by without you and your partner going on a real date. Even just a couple of hours disconnecting from parent life can help bring you two closer together.
  6. Big things are memorable - Little things are meaningful: I used to chase the climax moment in life. I never was present in the now. Life is all about the little things you do. Just because you take your kid to the zoo doesn't make you an awesome parent. The little things you do on a daily basis to enhance your relationship does.
  7. Grudges: are a waste of damn time. I had a falling out with my dad. A lot of shit went down during my childhood. Listen to my podcast for more on that!! Furthest From Famous. It's on any listening app. When Remi came a long we set our differences aside. It's not about me anymore. It's about Remi having the best grand parents she can! Life is too precious for petty stuff to get in the way.
  8. Evaluate your friendships: I know this is weird considering I just talked about not holding a grudge. However, there are some friendships in your life that don't hold much weight. When Remi came along, I thought all of my friends would check in on me, love Remi to know end, ask for pictures, or even just ask how she's doing in general.... A lot of them did not. That's okay though!! Keep an eye on the ones who do. The others might just be fun friends... party friends... friends to distract you from life (which again is good but doesn't really help when big things happen).
  9. oh wait
  10. oh god Remi just woke up. I have no time to finish this lol

This kid is getting so big and I'm loving every second . I'm going to go and make her some eggs now. Have a wonderful day!!!!

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