Dave's Colorado Weekend in Five Pictures...WTH is Picture Four???

I was at my house in Colorado last week doing the show, relaxing, hanging with Chase and getting some work done on the house. It's an old house, like most people have old cabins up north, and there's always something that needs to be painted or fixed or replaced.

But I got out to have some fun too, as you'll see in my weekend in five pictures!

This is a trail near my house where I went for a 4-mile hike. On top of one of the hills was a great view of Pikes Peak about 20 miles distant. It's the icon of Colorado Springs, just beautiful and perfectly proportionate, on the front side. Interestingly enough, the backside looks nothing like the front and it's not nearly as attractive.

Just a deer at my birdfeeder. She wasn't even afraid of me. Just kept eating and enjoying herself!

Can you tell what this is? It's the inside of a car wash. Not something I'd normally post on here but what the heck...why not?

What the heck??? I rode through Woodland Park, Colorado on Saturday and here was this guy, just dancing away in front of a music store. I mean it definitely got my attention because I stopped and checked out their ukuleles and bought a little something for Beth's kids!

And this is Cripple Creek, Colorado, an old gold mining town that's now full of casinos. I was surprised how busy it was and not very socially distanced so I went in, had a slice of pizza in a restaurant because I was dying for pizza, and then got out of there!

That's it! I hope you had a good, fall weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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