Five Ways You've Been Eating Italian Food Wrong

A recent poll looked at the top mistakes we make when we eat Italian food. Here are five things you might be doing wrong.

1. Eating garlic bread with pasta, or as an appetizer. It's an Olive Garden thing, not really an Italian thing.

2. Ordering stuffed-crust pizza. It's the clearest example of why American pizza isn't seen as REAL pizza in Italy. And in general, more than three toppings is a no-no.

3. Adding extra parmesan after your food's been served. If you did it in Italy, it might be seen as an insult to the chef.

4. Overcooking your pasta. It's supposed to be served a little al dente.

5. Cutting your spaghetti up into pieces. It's not the Italian way to do it . . . and some would argue it's not the ADULT way to do it either. 

The Sun

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