Steve-O’s Wknd in Five Pics: A Day Trip To Explore the North Shore

I’m typing this blog while in the car on my way back from North Shore and what was nothing short of an adventure.

The only other highlight of note from my weekend was watching Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous on Netflix which was surprisingly good for. Kids show.

Fall is upon us and we decide why not head north to really soak in the the colors and since the weather on Saturday was trash we decided to get up early on Sunday and head north. First stop was Jay Cooke state park and it was PACKED! We actually had to park 10 minutes away and walk just to get into the parking lot.

After the state park we made it to the lighthouse in Two Harbors just in time to watch a 998 foot boat pull in. We came with some friends so here are our kids with them posing foe a picture after doing a Tiktok along Lake Superior.

We also went to Castle Danger brewery for a drink and since it’s required we made sure to drive north to Gooseberry Falls. Warning! The traffic is ridiculous on Sunday, it’s actually worse then you’d think it would be.

Was it a stressful adventure? Yes. Are we happy we did it? Yup! It was a blast!

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