Love Cats? There's a New Dating Site For You

A recent study finds that women are less likely to swipe right on guys if they’re posing with cats in their dating profile pics, which is bad news for single men who are into cats. But they’ll be thrilled to know there’s now a dating app made specifically for feline fans.Tabbywas created by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, who say it’s designed “for both cat lovers and cat owners.”

On Tabby, “cat-lovers will be able to meet each other, plan cat-friendly dates, get deals from cat companies and share videos, photos and stories all while their cats are in their element - at home.”

If you’re looking for love but you’re more of a dog person, the sisters have thought of you, too. Leigh and Casey also recently launched Dig, a dating app for dog lovers, folks who “live a dog-forward lifestyle” and want to connect romantically with someone with a similar mindset. It presents users with five potential dates every day and they can choose whether they “dig,” “really dig” or “pass” on the matches. When two people “dig” each other, Dig suggests dog-friendly first date ideas.


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