Steve-O's Sweaty Fourth of July Weekend in Five Pictures

I’m pretty sure we were the ones not at a cabin over the weekend.We did a little bit of everything, hung in our blow up pool, spent time inside and outside and Isaac was excited about his brand new NERF Fortnite Sniper Rifle.

We also finished the boards bags that we built and stained last weekend. It was a good thing we got those done because it's a. a super easy family project b. we as a family were able to use them all weekend as a family and when we went to friends and when we had friends over to celebrate the fourth.

Another big highlight from the weekend was that it was Louie (Olivia's dogs) first birthday on July 4th. He's a real pain in the butt but he's also a lover so I guess we'll keep him.

And finally, thanks to Dave and the giant cache of fireworks he had leftover at his house we had a pretty incredible fireworks display outside our house!

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