Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures: Father's Day Weekend

Kicked off the weekend having to return my lease and trade it in for another Honda Accord from Inver Grove Honda.It’s where I always go, here I am with my mother from another....nope..that’s not right.Here I am with Evelyn and thanks to Bryan for helping me.

Corona Virus Project Update: Raised Garden Bed

The good news is the plants are really starting to grow, the bad news is I’ve run into something that happens ALL the time which is I get 80% done and then life happens and the last 20% of the build needs to happen and I keep procrastinating.

Olivia’s new weekend hobby is painting.Here’s what she made me for Father’s Day.

Entire family went to the dog park on Sunday, here are the two dogs playing in the pond at the Elm Creek park dog park.

Final picture isn’t totally real.I’ve been playing around with the new Photoshop camera app and took this picture that I think looks really cool. The bottom part which is trees at sunset is real but the moon in the sky is because of the app. It's actually fun to play with and it's free so that's good.

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