Absolutely Minnesota: Support Abi's Cafe in South Minneapolis

Ellie has listened to the show since she was a child and contacted us to help support a restaurant that was destroyed during the riots. .

I am a 28 year old mixed race woman who has listened to you since I was in 5th grade. 

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times but it still means something to me and my family that a radio station with such a big following is working on being an ally.  So, thank you so much for opening up a platform for those of us who are severely underrepresented and misinterpreted. 

Perhaps you all have heard about the black firefighter who’s restaurant was about to re-open and was destroyed during this.  His restaurant has raised over $1 million dollars now.  That is so awesome to see the community rally for him.  I am asking for the community to reach out to Abi’s Cafe, too.  Abi’s Cafe has also been destroyed and they continue to have to defend their restaurant night after night.  This woman and her employees have experienced extreme trauma and deserve recognition for what they’ve gone.  And throughout all of this, she continues to make food for her community and give it out AT NO COST.  They need help rebuilding.  My family is so indebted to them I can’t even put it in words. 


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