Absolutely Minnesota: A St. Cloud Neighborhoods Front Yard Dance Party

Each morning on Absolutely Minnesota we try and recognize cool things happening around Minnesota and today it's a dance party in St. Cloud. Here's the letter Sarah sent that we found Absolutely Minnesota!

Hi Dave, Steve, and Fallen!

I am a huge fan, listen on I heart radio from St. Cloud!

A week ago I organized a front yard dance party for our street. I hand delivered flyers on a Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday night over a dozen families participated!!

People came outside

The wore costumes

They danced

They played music

They blew bubbles

They talked to each other!!! (From a safe distance of course!)

It was honestly, amazing. I decided to do this because I was sad, social distancing had me a bit down and I needed something to look forward to and to get excited about. This was amazing. I meet 4 new families on my street I hadn’t meet before, we were able to have great conversation with 2 widows who live across the street. Just so so good to have genuine human connection. I wanted to share and heard the request for stories.

Thank you!

Long time listener, Sarah

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