Dave's Weekend in Six Pictures, All With a "Noir" Filter

I think we all needed a long weekend, rain or not. It wasn't the prettiest of Memorial Day weekends but each day had at least a few hours of sun and no rain so I'll take it! I hope you had a good time with your family or friends or heck, even yourself!

Here comes my weekend in five pictures with a bonus picture. And for no reason at all, I put a "Noir" filter on all my pictures this week.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, I went over to my daughter Allison's house to help hang pictures and a coat rack. It was so great to see her and feel like I helped out a little bit. I brought her this cute bear which is a baby gift from her cousin Michelle.

Saturday afternoon, Susan and I rode down to Henderson and had dinner on the sidewalk outside the Road Haus. A stranger even gave me a free bottle of beer! Bonus!

Henderson is one of those great little towns where it's not uncommon to see someone driving around town on a lawn mower, tractor or 4-wheeler.

Sunday afternoon I went flying. Flew out to Glencoe and landed just for fun then flew home.

I thought this looked kinda pretty so I snapped a picture just before I took off.

And finally, Monday afternoon, I'm out back posting this blog, keeping an eye on the brisket I'm smoking. They say if you can smoke a good brisket, you can successfully smoke anything. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for looking at my blog. I truly appreciate it and I appreciate you.

Have a good week.


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