Jennifer Lopez Explains Who That 'Creepy Guy' Is In Viral Gym Selfie

Jennifer Lopez is setting the record straight about that "creepy" man in her selfie.

J.Lo probably had no idea the photo she took from the gym last week would go viral, but the singer’s definitely gotten a few laughs from the conspiracy theories it sparked. In case you missed it, the “If You Had My Love” star snapped a workout selfie on Instagram, unknowingly photographed what looked to be a man “hiding” in the background with a hand covering his mouth. (Thankfully, those rumors were later debunked.)

“Why is there a man in the background with a hand over his mouth?” one user asked, another chimed in: “Who’s that creepy guy in the back behind you???”

Lopez officially cleared the air on all the craze surrounding the photo during Friday’s (May 22) virtual appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "That was a Zoom!" Lopez explained.

She went on to clarify that she and her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, "didn't have a gym in the house. So we just got a bunch of, like, we got a bench and a few weights, and I have my rehearsal mirrors back there for dance rehearsal, which I always did in the house."

“There’s a man behind you like this!” Fallon quipped, covering his mouth, to which the superstar responded with a laugh, “Yeah, I don’t know what he was doing. If he was sneezing or coughing…It was some real estate guy that Alex was on Zoom with. I don’t know. But we’ve been working out a lot.”

Fans had all sorts of speculations about the picture, some hilarious and others that were pretty sinister. See the image that started it all below.

Photo: Getty Images

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