Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 5/15 - 5/17

Quarantine weekend #467

How is everyone?

Friday 5/15 -

I had a lovely Zoom session with some of my friends!

Saturday 5/16 -

I've been looking to buy a bar cart for awhile now. I haven't been able to find one I like/is in my price range/is available during quarantine. Falen upgraded her bar cart awhile back and was nice enough to sell me her old one!

I love it so much and I can't wait to make it cute!!

My friend Erica scored some ice cream from @vraamoney_creamery on Instagram. It's homemade & is limitedly available each day. I'm still vegan for May, but I tried a tiny spoonful.

Sunday 5/17

Of course had to watch The Last Dance finale! I also finished Hollywood on Netflix & I've watched Outer Banks twice now. Next up - Normal People on Hulu!

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