Ten Signs You've Played Too Much "Animal Crossings"

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch came along at the perfect time to keep us occupied in the last couple of months and now is something like the 3rd biggest video game ever or something impressive like that.

Have you been playing? Have you been playing too much? Here are 10 signs you might be playing more than you should!

-You look at the junk you have around the house and wonder how many bells you could get for it.

-You see a stump and wonder if you should craft something.

-Seeing a rock makes you wonder what would come out if you hit it with a shovel.

-Sometimes you just want to speed up life by repeatedly hitting the "A" button.

-When you see a dead raccoon in the road, you wonder if he knew Tom Nook.

-All of a sudden, fishing looks really easy.

-You expect some kind of reward when you change clothes.

-You keep your eye out for shiny, sparkly holes in the ground.

-You're considering buying a giant robot figure for yard.

-You see a tree branch and think about picking it up.

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