Dave's Social-Distancing Trip to Colorado in 11 Pictures

The boss told us to take vacations even though no one really has anywhere to go with the pandemic. "Dave, go to Colorado and get out of here!" someone said, so Carson and I took off!

Just a quick note. The freeways were eerily empty. Mostly trucks on the way out, maybe 10 trucks to one car. A week later on the way home, traffic picked up to about 4 trucks to one car. Some people wear masks, some don't. I never felt stupid for wearing mine.

Here we go!

Josie went along and well before we were ready to go, she found her spot in the car. At least, what she thought was her spot.

It rained a lot of the drive out. This is somewhere in Kansas.

We got some work done.

But we never did get the chainsaw started.

Carson and Josie...buddies.

We went to see my son Chase and stayed 6 feet apart.

Hey, are you guys sure that's six feet apart??

Carson and I got in a round of golf!

We did some shooting.

We climbed Pulpit Rock, which was once deemed "unclimbable." Well, by men anyway. But we did it!

Here's what it looks like from below. We were on the very top right. I hate heights, BTW.

I hope you had a good week! I'm excited to be back on the radio tomorrow!

And as always, thanks for looking at my blog!


Oh wait, I just found these two bonus pictures!

Carson was dying to get a haircut, so we were put on a three day out reservation and he finally got in.

And this is how the holes looked on the course we played. you never touch the flag to take it out, and a foam ringfills the hole almost to the top so you don't have to reach into the hole where a bunch of hands have been. it really is no-contact!

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