Dave's Dish of The Day: Lemon Chicken

Thanks to Leanne for the recipe!!

Package of chicken cutlets or 2 for leftovers 

A gallon ziplock bag 

Stick of butter Or 2 depending how bad you want to be;)

Lemon juice 

Garlic salt 

Garlic powder 

Onion powder 



Lawry’s seasoning 

Flour (I use rice flour because my husband is gluten sensitive)

Mix 2 cups flour in the baggie and all seasonings. 

Mix it around until mulled together.

Put cutlets in the baggie and coat them

Heat in a frying pan the butter

Put the cutlets in the frying pan until golden brown on both sides 

Put cutlets in a baking pan

Take the remaining oil from the butter and cutlets and pour in 3/4 lemon juice in the frying pan.

Bring to a boil and get all the droppings off the sides

Pour over the cutlets and cover with tinfoil, place it in the oven @ 350 for 60 minutes.

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